Christmas Got List

It seems many a blog feature a wish list or gift guide pre-Christmas.  Considering this blog didn’t exist before Christmas, that wasn’t an option, but even if it were, compiling a wish list would never do my generous and stylish loved ones the gift-giving justice they deserve.

My last blog was heavy on words and light on photos, so I’m attempting to rectify that here.  After all, there’s a reason US Weekly has a larger readership than, say, The Economist (which might explain why, by extension, more Americans flock to the American Idol polls than the presidential polls, but I digress).

A few of my favorites:

No, The Selby is definitely not in my place, but his coffee table book is.  Selby’s visual glimpse into the lives of celebrated and impossibly hip artist/surfer types is sure to inspire (or ignite a fierce spark of envy, ahem).

Socks knit with love by my mother, who is also a harpist extraordinaire and culinary genius.


Magnets to make groovy fridgescapes!


Rounds printed with my name from Felix Doolittle, courtesy of my sister who, despite being a ball-busting attorney and mother of a toddler, still manages to give customized Christmas gifts.

This eco magnet from Ontario Parks is courtesy of my Papa Dukes.  My dad was green long before it was hip; in fact, he probably still doesn’t know it’s trendy to be a tree hugger, but if someone told him this was the case, he’d likely make some curmudgeonly comment before finishing his second Gilbey’s g & t and falling asleep sitting up.

Bok choy luggage tag: speaks for itself.
And my beau, who has an innate knack for gift-giving, got me a scanner: sketches and other visual miscellany to come!

One thought on “Christmas Got List

  1. Kaykers! Finally got around to getting a google account. Have been wanting to point out the obvious–Dr. T's got a great graphic sensibility. Now for a “Slow Right Down” magnet.

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