It’s the little things

So my friend Mary has sequestered herself on the graduate floor (6th) of Library West, painstakingly toiling away on her thesis on corporate social responsibility and crisis communication with regard to violence condoned by Coca Cola subsidiaries in Colombia (I know, right?).

She flipped open a book she’d checked out entitled Globalization and Global History (a real page turner, to be sure.  I deemed a link unnecessary).  What should fall out but this nugget:

I wouldn’t call it accurate (do men really spend THAT much time thinking about their careers???); although it did alert me to the sobering reality that I spend more time than necessary thinking about having to pee.  Worth the price o’ grad school.

2 thoughts on “It’s the little things

  1. More proof that I should've been born a woman.

    Actual email from Perry yesterday, 1pm:

    “Subject: what are you doing?

    I mean, besides urinating or eating a salad.”

    You both know me so well.

    Keep the nuggets a-comin' Kayker!!

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