Weird Cheeses: Toast to Gjetost

What is it with design and Scandinavia? This little cheese cube is so stylin’ I’d use it as a sit-about or mini bookend if it weren’t for the fact that it’s perishable (unlike most cheese produced in the good ol’ U.S. of A.)

We go way back, Gjetost and I.  I first got a little sliver of it during Intro to Food and Beverage my freshmen year at the Cornell Hotel School.  I think the idea was one of those high-end, fancy pants cheese tastings, but if I remember correctly, and most likely I do not, I just wolfed down the whole plate in a hungover frenzy.

On a recent trip to visit my sister in D.C., I had the occasion to visit several food outlets and stared, mouth agape, at the varied and exotic offerings. (I could spend an entire vacation in any major metropolis engaging in this sort of behavior).  So of course I was reminded of Gjetost.

Lucky for me, my local bad-ass grocery, Ward’s, carries this little gem.  However, like all pretty packages, I can’t seem to bring myself to open it.

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