My Browser Thinks I’m Fat

Apparently my browser thinks I’m fat.

This ad keeps following me around the Internet. I loved Joel Stein’s article on data mining so much that I printed a copy for my coffee table. F

Perhaps even more insulting is the fact that The Man thinks I would be interested in shoes approved by Kim Kardashian.

For those of us who have watched this video, suffice to say that G-Male is entirely creepy:

ATTENTION DATA MINERS (and any other online stalker, if I may so flatter myself): I am a female, late 20-something (FINE: practically 30) graduate student who likes yoga and decorating. My favorite bands are Wilco, Dr. Dog, Islands, My Morning Jacket, and any other sentimental geek wielding an acoustic guitar. I’m really not interested in apartments with wall-to-wall carpeting and vertical blinds. I will never be caught dead in anything endorsed or created by Kim Kardashian or Jessica Simpson (including hair extensions).

All for now.

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