Lab Week 5: Color and Type in InDesign and Photoshop

We began lab by opening a photo in Photoshop and picking up a color with the eyedropper tool. We were then able to view all the various color model values for that color: CMYK, RGB, Pantone and the hexadecimal code (read by browsers). This is useful for creating repetition across various platforms.

We also created a Pantone swatch of the color in InDesign and used the University of Florida style guide to create CMYK and Pantone swatches of Gator orange and blue, then applied these swatches to our brochure.

Download the InDesign and Photoshop Tutorial(1.3 MB).

After a break to discuss various print methods and look at some examples, we created a very basic graphic standards manual for our client based on their web colors. Smashing Magazine has a great, easy-to-read article on creating style guidelines, and offers a short course on it: Developing a Style Guide with Nigel French.

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