Lecture Outtakes: Color Meaning

Don’t Reinvent the Color Wheel

Sorry, couldn’t help myself! During week two we discussed color meanings, and there are so many great resources on the web that rather than do double duty, I’ve curated a bunch of links to some of my favorite color resources around the web.

The winner is … Smashing Magazine. Divvied up into three easily digestible parts, this is my favorite color resource by far. Part I: Color Meanings addresses the subjective nature of color meanings and provides some great examples from around the web. Part II: Terminology gets into the nitty gritty of the color lexicon; I didn’t think this was possible, but it’s a bit too design nerdish for my taste. Scroll down to the last section for a quick summary of the terms. Part III: Creating Color Schemes completes the trifecta. This is definitely a worthwhile read; it outlines color combinations vis-à-vis the color wheel and mentions some great resources, such as Adobe Kuler (create color palettes from a photo!), to generate color schemes.

Fuel Your Creativity also has a nice bit on color wheel schemes with ample examples. If you want to get all scientific about it, check out this page from NYU on color theory: it goes into terminology, color systems (web color vs. print color) and color wheel relationships. The interface is none too pretty, but that “.edu” extension always lends a little bit of street cred.

Additional Color Resources

Colour Lovers: I gave this site a shout-out in a previous post on color, but it’s one of the best out there. Create and share palettes, get inspired, pimp your Twitter profile; this site is great for fashionistas and crafty types. Follow Colour Lovers on Twitter for interesting color articles and resources.

Sensational Color: A great site for color lovers in general; this covers color meanings, color in fashion and design, inspiration and additional color resources.

Color Combos: A resource for designers, this site is set up in blog format and provides color values and combinations.

Color Matters: Like Sensational Color, this site provides additional color resources as well as color quizzes and other interactive features, plus information on color as it pertains to various disciplines and industries.

Color Hexa: Touted as a “color encyclopedia,” this site allows you to create gradients and convert color values.

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