Color Palette Tutorial

Written by Paulina Rios

There’s more to color than you probably think. In fact, Smashing Magazine developed an entire series devoted to explaining the meaning of color, concept of terminology and color palettes. Then there’s Adobe Color, which is a widely used application that allows you to explore thousands of colors and create color palettes from scratch or from a photo.Β Below are two tutorials that will help you make the perfect color palette.

Adobe Color

Create a Color Palette with Adobe Color

This tutorial shows how to use Adobe Color to create a color palette from a photo. It then shows you how to load the palette into InDesign by logging into Creative Cloud. It also shows how to create an Adobe Swatch Exchange (ASE) file and how to load that file.


Create a Color Palette from a Photograph in InDesign

This tutorial shows how to use the eyedropper tool in Adobe InDesign to create a color palette. This is useful if Adobe Cloud isn’t working/synching the color palette from Adobe Color.


Colour Lovers

Interested in keeping the color conversation going? Colourlovers is an online community dedicated to meeting all your color, palette and pattern needs.

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