WordPress Portfolio Website: Getting Started

Written by Paulina Rios 

These tutorials show you how to create a free website in WordPress.com using the Edin Theme.

First you must go to WordPress.com and create a free site. It should walk you through those steps. Once your site is set up, you’re ready to watch the videos below.

Step one: Set your theme to Edin

This video walks you through the steps to change your current theme to the Edin theme.


Step two: Setting up your pages

This video gives you an overview of the Edin theme and the photos used on the homepage. It also shows you how to size photos on Photoshop. For more stock photography resources visit Stock Photography.


Creating pages in the WordPress Edin Theme

This video discusses how the Home, About, Contact and Portfolio pages using the Edin theme should look and what features should be turned off.


Step three: Customizing your site

This video explores the customize feature on your WordPress site.


You are now one step closer to having a wonderful portfolio website! Check out (insert blog link) for more tutorials related to hyperlinks, colors and fonts using the Edin theme in WordPress.

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