Welcome to Public Relations Visual Communication at the University of Florida

Welcome to the PR Visual Communication Blog I'm looking forward to an exciting and productive six weeks. On this site you will find course updates, lecture outtakes, lab material covered each week, and other visual communication miscellany. Feel free to leave comments but make sure to email me at pur4103 at yahoo dot com regarding … Continue reading Welcome to Public Relations Visual Communication at the University of Florida

Lab Week 13: Twitter Image Design

The most complicated part of Twitter designΒ is creating appropriate images in terms of dimensions and file size. It is important to be consistent with visuals, as guest lecturer April Schroeder of Liquid Creative Studio pointed out in her presentation last week. The Twitter profile design is made up of three images: The profile image, the … Continue reading Lab Week 13: Twitter Image Design

Lecture Outtakes: Social Media

[Social media have caused] a shift in trust: to the brand known as 'friend.' -Edelman, 2010 It goes without saying that social media have profoundly changed the practice of public relations and, by extension, public relations visual communication. One need not look far to find ample examples. Crowdsourced Content Jonathan Jones gave a great talk … Continue reading Lecture Outtakes: Social Media

Lab Week 11: WordPress Header

WordPress Header Design Creating a custom header for your WordPress site is a great way to personalize the WordPress template and achieve visual repeption with other tactics. We created the following two designs in Photoshop during week 11 lab. WordPress Header Size These headers were designed for the Twenty Ten theme. To create a custom … Continue reading Lab Week 11: WordPress Header

Lecture Outtakes: Media Ethics

Media Ethics and Communitarianism Way back in week 6 we discussed several well-known ethical approaches: Kant's categorical imperative (which shapes current thought in the North Atlantic countries), Aristotle's golden mean, and Bentham and Mill's utilitarianism. The full lecture is available on Scribd. This week I spent some time discussing communitariansim, which is outlined by scholars … Continue reading Lecture Outtakes: Media Ethics