WordPress Portfolio Website: Getting Started

Written by Paulina Rios  These tutorials show you how to create a free website in using the Edin Theme. First you must go to and create a free site. It should walk you through those steps. Once your site is set up, you're ready to watch the videos below. Step one: Set your … Continue reading WordPress Portfolio Website: Getting Started


Written By Paulina Rios  Infographics are a great way to visually organize a large amount of data into an easy-to-understand chart or diagram. Below, I've included some popular apps that make the process of creating an infographic simple and fun!     Piktochart: From over 4,000 icons and ready-to-use graphics, Piktochart has all the resources you … Continue reading Infographics


Written by Paulina Rios  Icons are visual expressions used to communicate applications, functions, directions and more in a simple but meaningful way. Icons can be found all throughout the web as well as in public spaces. Listed below are a few sites that let you download and explore the multitude of icons that exist. Iconfinder: Iconfinder is … Continue reading Icons