Stock Video

Written by Paulina Rios  Last week we explored a variety of different stock photography options to incorporate in your website or social media platforms. This week I'm going to share some sites that offer free stock videos. Mazwai: From wandering bears in the woods to killer skyline views, Mazwai let's you share and download videos for … Continue reading Stock Video

Stock Photography

Written by Paulina Rios Have you ever wanted to post an image you found online but weren't sure if you could potentially get in trouble for doing so? It's better to be safe than sorry; that's why I've provided you with several stock photography sites that allow you to use the images and illustrations without … Continue reading Stock Photography

Color Inspiration

Written by Paulina Rios Colordot: Available both online and in the App Store, Colordot is a simple way of picking colors for any occasion. Adobe Color CC: Adobe Color CC is perfect for creating color palettes that are analogous, complementary, monochromatic and more. Also available online and in the App Store. Colourlovers: Colorlovers is an … Continue reading Color Inspiration


Written by Paulina Rios  Hello. My name is Paulina. I'm a fourth-year public relations major at the University of Florida. This semester, I will be sharing some of my favorite design tools with you. Whether you are a professional graphic designer or an aspiring public relations specialist looking to impress potential employers, I hope you … Continue reading Typography

Welcome to Public Relations Visual Communication at the University of Florida

Welcome to the PR Visual Communication Blog I'm looking forward to an exciting and productive fall semester. On this site you will find course updates, lecture outtakes, lab material covered each week, and other visual communication miscellany. Feel free to leave comments but make sure to email me at pur4103 at yahoo dot com regarding … Continue reading Welcome to Public Relations Visual Communication at the University of Florida