Visual Communication: Week One Lab

Thanks for a great first week! For those of you who missed the first week as a result of the add/drop shuffle, we watched a couple of TED Talks and followed them up with a discussion on creativity. We only watched the first ten minutes of each video. Pay close attention to what Tim Brown … Continue reading Visual Communication: Week One Lab

Lab Week 13: Twitter Image Design

The most complicated part of Twitter design is creating appropriate images in terms of dimensions and file size. It is important to be consistent with visuals, as guest lecturer April Schroeder of Liquid Creative Studio pointed out in her presentation last week. The Twitter profile design is made up of three images: The profile image, the … Continue reading Lab Week 13: Twitter Image Design

Lab Week 11: WordPress Header

WordPress Header Design Creating a custom header for your WordPress site is a great way to personalize the WordPress template and achieve visual repeption with other tactics. We created the following two designs in Photoshop during week 11 lab. WordPress Header Size These headers were designed for the Twenty Ten theme. To create a custom … Continue reading Lab Week 11: WordPress Header

Lab Week 10: WordPress How To

WordPress How To So this is a post on WordPress about how to use WordPress. The tutorial (link to PDF is below) includes screen shots and covers the following: Selecting a theme Customizing background color, finding header image specs, and customizing the sidebar with widgets Adding links to the sidebar and deleting the default WordPress links … Continue reading Lab Week 10: WordPress How To

Lab Week 7: How to Make an Animated GIF in Photoshop

In lab last week we used images from Shutterstock to mock up an animated GIF based on a fictional "family night" event for the yogurt company Mochi. Behold: View the instructions for creating an animated gif here (1.1 MB). You will notice a significant amount of degradation in image quality. GIF files support animation, unlike JPEGs, … Continue reading Lab Week 7: How to Make an Animated GIF in Photoshop