Lab Week 6: Newsletter Design

In lab this week each creative team was tasked with coming up with a fictional organization. Teams then assigned three descriptive words to that organization, established a target public, and chose colors, content and typeface accordingly. After some brainstorming and rough sketches, the teams went to InDesign. The results really exceeded my expectations. Check out each group's work … Continue reading Lab Week 6: Newsletter Design

Lab Week 5: Color and Type in InDesign and Photoshop

We began lab by opening a photo in Photoshop and picking up a color with the eyedropper tool. We were then able to view all the various color model values for that color: CMYK, RGB, Pantone and the hexadecimal code (read by browsers). This is useful for creating repetition across various platforms. We also created … Continue reading Lab Week 5: Color and Type in InDesign and Photoshop

Lab Week 4: Helvetica

All of us are prompted in subliminal ways. -Rick Poynor I love this film for so many reasons. It does a great job of illustrating the Modernist and Postmodernist socio-political climates and their respective effects on design. In Vis Com we spend a lot of time discussing visual elements and the powerful ways that something … Continue reading Lab Week 4: Helvetica