Lab Week 6: Newsletter Design

In lab this week each creative team was tasked with coming up with a fictional organization. Teams then assigned three descriptive words to that organization, established a target public, and chose colors, content and typeface accordingly. After some brainstorming and rough sketches, the teams went to InDesign. The results really exceeded my expectations. Check out each group's work … Continue reading Lab Week 6: Newsletter Design

Lab Week 5: Color and Type in InDesign and Photoshop

We began lab by opening a photo in Photoshop and picking up a color with the eyedropper tool. We were then able to view all the various color model values for that color: CMYK, RGB, Pantone and the hexadecimal code (read by browsers). This is useful for creating repetition across various platforms. We also created … Continue reading Lab Week 5: Color and Type in InDesign and Photoshop

Lecture Outtakes: Color Theory

Colors are the mother tongue of the subconscious. -Carl Jung Color Meanings Color is one of my favorite topics in Vis Com. In class we touched on color meanings, which are of course subject to myriad factors, including age, gender, personal experience, mood, ethnic identity, nationality, history... One of the most interesting color (eh hem, … Continue reading Lecture Outtakes: Color Theory

Lecture Outtakes: Typography

                        We talked type on Thursday. There are so many amazing typography and design resources on the web, it can get overwhelming. I keep emailing myself this stuff. There's got to be a better way. Below are only a few sites that I've stumbled … Continue reading Lecture Outtakes: Typography

Lecture Outtakes: Principles of Design

On Tuesday we discussed design principles. While we might not all be born designers, there are certain rules to follow that can make your visuals look polished and professional. The four main principles are ... CRAP: Contrast, Repetition, Alignment and Proximity. I also discussed additional principles, including proportion. According to the very useful site,, … Continue reading Lecture Outtakes: Principles of Design