Visual Communication: Week One Lab

Thanks for a great first week! For those of you who missed the first week as a result of the add/drop shuffle, we watched a couple of TED Talks and followed them up with a discussion on creativity. We only watched the first ten minutes of each video. Pay close attention to what Tim Brown … Continue reading Visual Communication: Week One Lab

Welcome to Public Relations Visual Communication at the University of Florida

Welcome to the PR Visual Communication Blog I'm looking forward to an exciting and productive fall semester. On this site you will find course updates, lecture outtakes, lab material covered each week, and other visual communication miscellany. Feel free to leave comments but make sure to email me at pur4103 at yahoo dot com regarding … Continue reading Welcome to Public Relations Visual Communication at the University of Florida

Lecture Outtakes: Color Meaning

Don't Reinvent the Color Wheel Sorry, couldn't help myself! During week two we discussed color meanings, and there are so many great resources on the web that rather than do double duty, I've curated a bunch of links to some of my favorite color resources around the web. The winner is ... Smashing Magazine. Divvied … Continue reading Lecture Outtakes: Color Meaning

Lab Week 11: WordPress Header

WordPress Header Design Creating a custom header for your WordPress site is a great way to personalize the WordPress template and achieve visual repeption with other tactics. We created the following two designs in Photoshop during week 11 lab. WordPress Header Size These headers were designed for the Twenty Ten theme. To create a custom … Continue reading Lab Week 11: WordPress Header